Can I sell my beats on BeatPass?

BeatPass is a private marketplace and is not open to the public (yet?). Our library is maintained by beatmakers that are exclusive to AP (Alliance Productions Records Inc). We are always on the lookout for talent in any type of production.

Can I copy beats from BeatPass and re-sell them as they are, without adding vocals?

That’s against our Terms of Use and a violation of international copyright law.

Are the beats on BeatPass legal?

Every beat in our catalog is legally licensed with contractual agreements with our beatmakers.

Does the license have any limitations?

BeatPass licensing is worry-free unlimited usage. This means that there are no limitations on the number of streams, and you only need to pay royalties to the beatmaker. We do not negociate royalties, but we allow our members to upgrade their license to exclusive and this will give the artist 20% back on streaming royalties.

Can other artists/songwriters use the same beat I’ve downloaded?

Yes, all beats on BeatPass are available for all members under a non-exclusive license. Beats that are purchased under an exclusive license will be removed from our catalog.

What are copyright claims and how can I stay claim-free on Youtube?

Make sure you keep a copy of your invoice as proof of payment, you may request a written letter from Alliance Productions Records Inc to clear any copyright claim

Who owns the right to the master release?

The master release is owned by both the artist and producer.

What is the publishing split between the artist and beatmaker?

50/50 unless for non-exclusive licenses, 70/30 for exclusive licenses.

Does BeatPass take any publishing?

No, we do not take any publishing, performance, or writer’s share. Publishing is strictly split between the beatmaker and the artist. BeatPass only ensure the split is successfully made or else it will be considered as a copyright violation from the artist (see line 12)

What is the penalty for not giving credit to the beatmaker?

BeatPass actively tracks usage of its beat catalog and reserve the right to take down songs that does not honor the copyright agreement.

I see that I need to credit BeatPass producers when I release a song on DSPs. What are the rules for credits?

We require to credit our Beatmakers at the top of your post’s description that states, “beat by ”beatmaker name”. It is also the same for sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and any other platform that allows you to add a link. For Instagram, you must tag the beatmaker in any post.

I just subscribed to BP Premium, and I need an invoice/receipt.

To get your receipt, sign in and go to your Account section at the top right corner of any page. Click on the ‘settings’ tab. You can view and download a pdf of your receipt. You will also find a receipt of your purchase in your email inbox.

How do I cancel or reactivate a recurring subscription?

Log in to your account, go to your Account section at the top right corner of any page, then choose ‘settings’ from your account tabs. You can view and edit your recurring subscription.

How often will you bill my card?

Members are charged every 30 days.

What are the available membership options?

We offer a monthly subscription which allows for unlimited non-exclusive beats per month. We also offer recording studio subscription for Montreal based rappers, singers and songwriters

Where can I find BeatPass on social media?

Follow @alliance.wav (Alliance Productions) on Instagram

Where is BeatPass based?

BeatPass is a platform owned and managed by a Canadian corporation, Alliance Productions Records Inc

Who uses BeatPass?

BeatPass is designed for rappers, songwriters and content creators looking for high quality beats to create songs, albums or any other media that requires instrumentals such as podcasts, films and vlog. Rappers and songwriters can dive deep in BeatPass catalog to find their own unique beat style. Songs made using BeatPass can be uploaded to DSPs such as Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and any other streaming service.

What is BeatPass?

BeatPass is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that supply unique beats from beatmakers you won’t find anywhere else. BeatPass provides unlimited beat downloads with a monthly or annual subscription.

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